One Way Deliverance Ministries – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Hand-Up Program is a private non-profit corporation dedicated to the upkeep of man's soul, mind, and body.

One Way Deliverance/Hand-Up Program goal is to eliminate drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness in the Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes.

The Hand-Up Program has made a commitment to the aforementioned communities to serve those in need. The primary objective of the Hand-Up program is to improve the overall consistency and quality of development of an individual's life in the Baton Rouge Metropolitan area by providing our clients with the following services:

Meeting the growing need for affordable housing for low-income families and/or our addicted clients to give them a ray of hope in this time of despair.
Customize the types of assistance offered to the clients that will meet the particular needs of a substance abuser as well as those that may be struggling due to various disparities.

The Hand-Up Program is committed to educating the community in the need of supporting our substance abuse population, encouraging them to further their sobriety.

The counseling portion of the Hand-Up Program will accomplish the direct goal of one-on-one assistance to the individual and/or family. Assistance will focus on overcoming specific obstacles.

The mission of One Way Deliverance Ministries/Hand-Up Programs, Inc. is to facilitate positive change and recovery in the lives of people who have lost everything because of addictions or due to economic disparities. By teaching the principles of recovery, self-discipline, ethics and job skills, these individuals can once again become vital citizens in our community.

Strategies to achieve:

  • Moving people from the street to social detox and residential board and care
  • Moving people from the street to transitional unit housing
  • Providing job training and education so that our clients can be self-sufficient and productive individuals in society
  • Moving people from transitional unit housing to permanent housing
  • Offering affordable housing to our low-income families